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DAILY UPDATE ➳ i didn't get the job + i'm kind of sad

August 12th, 2018

today is my grandma’s birthday so i’ll be busy most of the day. right now, i’m going to goodwill & then the fresh market to get her a special dessert. 🍮 she's turning 93 this year! how insane is that? she is such a strong and interesting woman, i swear.               During the little birthday party, i got a call from Barnes & Noble as I recently applied there. It was a mess because 
1. I was not expecting it to happen at all.
2. I've never interviewed before and I'm pretty sure this was a short phone interview. 
3. I've never worked retail before and it was unexpected so I wasn't ready for the questions.
That being said, I really messed it up. The manager didn't initiate an interview but said some nice things. I wasn't sure on how to feel. Immediately after, I get an email saying I'm not qualified. I was more than let down considering I was at dinner so they all knew I was excited about getting the call (I've applied to 9 places now and no one has called). It was devastating and it made me thing about my anxiety all together but that's fine because it was my first ever getting a call from a company and I knew I wasn't exactly the best candidate in a working managers perspective. It still sucks, though. I kind of just want to spend a bunch of money on clothes from Madewell to make myself feel better but I don't have money. lol I love being a teenager in college. #fml

I also quickly wanted to add that you can support me in my work! Whether it's writing, my photography or this blog! All you have to do is buy me a coffee. Weird, right? I added the link to the right of my blog on the sidebar. But if you're interested (it would be very cool of you), here's a direct link. It would mean the most!

Currently reading: Magnus Chase + The Gods of Asgard: The Hammer of Thor

I am absolutely loving my library card because I'm switching out the audiobook for this and the physical copy. It's the best. Who knows how I made it this long without it. 

That's all for now but hopefully your day has been well.


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