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life update ➳ a personal spa day

august 3rd, 2018

   good evening! today i've spent the day in bed because i woke up at 2pm... lol don't judge. i decided half way through the day of watching youtube videos and petting my dog that i'd make my own spa day. so here's that! after showering, i put my fav bath & body works lotion all over with an Olay lotion for moisturizing. i used tons of lush products after this so be prepared lol. i love using the Lush pink peppermint foot lotion and then wearing socks because it genuinely makes your feet so soft and this foot lotion is oddly my favorite scent of all time. but anyways, onto skin care!
     skin care has always been such a big routine in my life because it's so relaxing and i have very red acne prone skin. i wouldn't usually do two face masks but tonight i did just to treat myself. i did the mask of magnaminty face mask and then the fomo face mask. i'm aware the magnaminty isn't the best for red skin but the fomo with rose probably evens my skin out afterwards. i went onto to do the rest of my skin care which is long and complicated so i don't feel like typing it all out. i just had a very chill & calming day tbh it was nice :-)


  1. i'm so glad that you had a nice spa day to yourself! don't worry i also slept in super late!I love you and this blog so much!!!!!

  2. thank you so much! ♡ i'm glad you're enjoying it :-)