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What I Do With Pressed Flowers

Good evening! I decided to make a little post dedicated to these lovely frames I have hanging above my side table. They both mean a lot to me and they make great gifts as well! The frame on the left is the flowers my boyfriend gave me when I was sixteen and the flowers on the right are from prom! I've pressed flowers from special occasions and put them in some frames. Here's how I do it:

Pressing the Flowers:

There's several different ways you can press flowers. I think the way I do it might be the easiest but it's up to you!

All I do is take fresh flowers and put them inside of an old book. I usually use a thick book and I weigh it down with regular weights you would use for working out. I had them pressed for months before I took them out but tried to press them down as hard as you can! Keep them in a place with no sunlight to keep the color longer. 

The Frames:

As for the frame, I buy the ones from Target that you put the picture or in this case, the flowers, in between two pieces of glass. Please keep in mind if your flowers are thick, you're not going to be able to press the flowers in between the glass and into the frame. It's quite difficult to do this if the flowers aren't completely flat and pressed so make sure they are. That's it! 

If you're interested in the types of flowers I used, here's the list:

the left frame: Daisies, Carnations 

the right frame: Babies Breath, Carnations

If you're interested in the frames, here's something similar! (I'm not exactly sure if this has two pieces of glass but it looks like it)

Good luck! If you every do this, please send it to me on either my twitter, instagram or tumblr! I'm @uponthepages on anything. 

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