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How I Edit My Bookstagram Photos and Stories

Isn't it about time? I finally share with you all how I edit my instagram photos and stories! I'm often asked questions about my editing so I decided it's time to show you all of my tips and tricks. 

For my instagram photos and feed, I use two apps! 

Photos + Feed

1. VSCO - I use VSCO for the filters! My feed is just the M5 filter, +3 brightness and sometimes a little bit of grain. The app is incredibly easy to navigate and I'd highly recommend it for your photos.

2. Preview - I use preview to plan out my feed and captions. It's basically just an app that shows you how your photos would look exactly next to each other. It's super useful and allowed me to get more into the idea of having a theme.

Instagram Stories

1. Unfold - This is an app that allows you to create Instagram story templates. I use the free template set they give you (CS1) and the $1.99 template set called RP1. Here's a preview:

2. 8mm - 8mm is an app that allows you to edit and take videos into an old film-like style. I often use this on my stories for little videos and get questions constantly! It's $1.99 in the app store and I adore it.

3. Afterlight 1 & 2 - I use Afterlight 1 & 2 to edit photos into polaroids with washed out filters and light effects. I prefer 1 because I'm more used to and I bought the polaroid border on there awhile back but they're both great! You can use these for filters and editing photos for your theme as well.

4. Hype Type - This app just allows cool moving texts on videos or photos to change up your Instagram story! I don't use it as often because the free version has a water mark but if you're interested in something like that, it's a great app!

Wasn't that easy? People seem to think I put a lot into these stories, but it's just a few great apps! I know all of these are available in the U.S. app store but I'm not sure if it's on all of them. 

Let me know if you use any of these as well! 

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